Noise Reducing Curtains in Randolph Center Vermont | Some Soundproofing Curtains options

Sound Curtain Do they really work?

Statistics done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that noise pollution has increased from 56.2 dB in 80s to 80.7 dB (decibels) in 2008. In addition, 8.9% of US cities were rated as having serious noise pollution, 22.2 % were rated to be at the intermediate level while only 15% were rated good. Soundproof curtains are designed to minimize noise entering or leaving a given space.

Why you need Sound Absorbing Curtains to Reduce Sound

In essence, and also as supported by the above statistics, the majority of rooms could do with some form of sound insulation. If you are not preventing noise from coming in, after that you may be creating sound that people may find offending. In addition, you could be producing minimal noise which reflects on the wall surfaces and windows to generate echoes. Noise Barrier Curtains decrease these mirrors.Suspended Ceiling Curtain Track in Randolph Center Vermont 05061 | Sound Proof Curtains

If you are a musician who plays and sings, you may need to isolate yourself from external noise. These curtains are also useful for people who like reading or working in a quiet environment.  If you work at night and want to reduce sound coming from outside so you can sleep during the day, you may benefit from this form of soundproofing.  Some organizations such as hospitals and factories need these special curtains because they are producer of noise.  On the other hand, they need some of their rooms to be very quiet.

How They Work
Though these curtains look and perform other function like the convectional curtains, they differ in that they are thicker.  Most of them are made of a thick mass of vinyl. As you may know sound travels in frequencies that are measure in decibels (Db).

When these sound frequencies hit the thick vinyl material, they spread into the thickness thus do not leave or enter the room.  As sound frequencies spread on the vinyl they are converted into sound energy (it is not same as sound).  Since the vinyl material does not reflect sound (it absorbs), echoes are minimized.

Difference between Noise Reducing Curtains and Soundproof Draperies
The two are to a large extent used in soundproofing a room; however, they differ in one way. The acoustic types are made to produce minimum and controlled sound reflections so as to provide the acoustic effect. They are commonly used by musicians. The non- acoustic types simply do not allow reflection and are used for the sole purpose of creating a sound-blackout environment.

Curtains to shield sound are available in many online shops.  However, before buying you should consider the level of sound you are dealing with.  As a general rule, the thicker and heavier the curtain is the more it will dampen noise.  You also need to consider size, the curtain should be large enough to cover the required space.

With Acoustic Curtain you do not need to worry about the noisy neighbor.  They are available in as many designs and colors as convectional curtains.  If you are looking for cheap soundproofing, this is the way to go. Moreover, due to the thickness of the material they are made up of, they tend to last longer than ordinary curtains.  Before installing these special curtains, be sure to read the instructions for maximum effect.

How do Noise Reduction Curtains Work?

Suspended Ceiling Curtain Track can be defined as curtains that are used to prevent sound from entering or leaving a particular area of a building. Most apartment buildings and homes are not made with thick walls. This means the walls will not be able to prevent sound from entering or leaving. Sounds coming from the blaring stereos of neighbors, traffic noises from the streets and other loud noises from the environment can be quite disturbing especially if you want peace and quiet. If you happen to be such an individual, you will likely want to invest in any method of noise insulation that you can get your hands on. One of the best methods you will come across that has proven to be effective is the use of soundproof curtains.

The good thing about such curtains is that they are made to suit the needs of different people. Soundproof Curtain basically have different styles and design. For example, you may use an acoustic screen when you want to start soundproofing a room. The most common materials used to make such curtains are a combination of fiberglass and vinyl. They are normally mounted in panels that are on steel frames and are joined using soundproof seals. Each screen measures about four by eight inches. However, you can decide to snap together several screens in order to create the most appropriate size for your needs. You can also decide to request a special design to be made with your specifications if you have windows that are unique.


The main advantage of these curtains is their portability and flexibility. You are able to use the curtains with acoustic panels. At the same time, you can decide to position them against walls or windows which have the highest probability of letting in unwanted noise. This flexibility makes them convenient for use in any room. The portability comes in handy when you want to move them to a room that you will be using. For example, you can use them in a room where you may be working on a project. Once you have finished, you can move with them to the bedroom so as to prevent noise from interrupting your sleep.

There are many places in your building that you can use the curtains to prevent sound. If you have neighbors who live in the next apartment and they tend to be noisy, you can install the curtain on the windows facing this side. In the office, you can use the curtain as a deterrent of noises that you may get from traffic or ongoing nearby construction sites. A factory can also benefit from these curtains. For example, a double-tiered soundproof curtain can be used to act as a noise barrier between the areas that machinery is operating and where people are doing desk jobs. Acoustic Curtain have proven to be a cheap soundproofing method that can be used in any building. They are available in most stores that deal with home improvement making them easily accessible.

Soundproof Curtains What are they?

The availability of Sound Reducing Curtains is giving a lot of home and office space owners something to smile and be happy about. Truth be told, natural resources like land are quickly diminishing and it is for this reason that many people have to contend with competing for any available space. Demand for good housing and prime office space has resulted in houses and offices being erected in places that are not so quiet. Every so often, you are likely to find a house or office you like within a not so quiet environment. It is bound to happen.

That said, suggested remedies to the noise problem include soundproofing a room. One sure way of achieving this is by using acoustic panels or using Acoustic Curtains.

Acoustical Curtains in Randolph Center Vermont 05061 | Sound Curtain


Just what are soundproof drapes? They are specially designed curtains lined with materials that absorb sound. Such materials include fiberglass or mass loaded vinyl. These types of curtains are usually lined with up to three inches of thickness to ensure that they keep out unwanted noises. These offer home and business owners cheap soundproofing options.

How do soundproof curtains work? Ideally, they work by absorbing and muffling unwanted sounds and noises as opposed to repelling them. They provide layer upon layer of mass which helps reduce the amount of noise passing through them. Ideally, the only thing that can stop the passage of noise is mass and in order to cause a curtain to block out all the noise, it would therefore mean that the curtain would have to weigh as much as a wall or even more. The practicality of this is not viable and it is for this reason that soundproof curtains are also known as noise control or noise reducing curtains. For some people though, it is important that no noise enters the room and when this is the case, the effectiveness of soundproof curtains can be greatly enhanced by also soundproofing windows where the curtains are to be used.

There are many reasons why one would opt for soundproof curtains over regular drapery. Some of those include creating a suitable ambience as in the case of a study room, library, or conference room.

Soundproof Curtain are also used commercially in large establishments such as public movie theaters and amphitheaters, apart from creating the suitable ambience; they also help reduce noise pollution that would otherwise be a big problem.

Soundproof curtains are also a great choice for a band group or musician that often has to practice using loud instruments. It keeps the noise in and therefore causes no disturbance to the outside environment.

The fact that Sound Absorbing Curtains are made to keep out the noise does not mean they should appear dull. They can be beautifully tailored with different prints to give a room a polished and fine finish.

If one is looking to purchase soundproof curtains all they need is to know where to look. Stores that offer these accessories are available on the internet and on websites such as Amazon.}